International Congress Guppy - High breeding


Between First and Second world wars the Guppy enthusiasts organised competitions to show the variability of the Guppy. Most participants were not familiar with the “rules“ as these were decided by the judges just prior to each show.

Breeders during this time produce several standard tail types. Around this period the formation of Guppy Breeder Associations. Breeders soon realise that a set of standard rules were required for the organizing of International Guppy Shows.  

In order to give these shows credibility the rules had to be balanced with attention to the smallest detail and a standardization was set for the running of the Show.

Dr O M Störzbach recognized the genetic possibilities for further development of the Guppy and created a standard text that corresponded not only to all these requirements, but also to being the basis for International Guppy-high breeding  - as we still know it today.  

The Standard works became the accepted Standard of the Guppy Associations of different countries, but then with each translation modified or altered the rules as these were interpreted

With the increasing International collaboration, especially in the European Championship, it became the wish of all participants that a uniform standard be determined for all Shows.  

In 1981, through the initiative of the Austrian Guppy Group, the International High Breeding's Standard was set. During these times additions and amendments were voted and implemented.

These changes also included in the Principles for the execution of the European Championship and other International Guppy Shows. In addition to this was the establishment and formation of the:

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