My present Fish House.

Built since 1996 with some adjustments along the way. Originally built as a breeding set up for African Cichlids.

In 2005 I again decided to breed Guppies with a small number of changes in filtration. The set up now consists of 95 various sized tanks.

The filtration system is a combination of sponge and corner air driven filters I use two filters in each tank only cleaning one alternatively. More recently I have installed both Hamburger filter pads and the German Maximal filter. Link

The air supply is derived from one Jehmco LPH 120 and 2 x Hi-Blow 200 Supplying 200+ plus air lines.

The LPH 120 was imported from USA and is an excellent blower for this size of fish house. I have installed a flow through water change system to 20 tanks. The room is space heated with two temperature controlled electric wall heaters. All base tanks have a backup heater stats incase of chills. The tanks are completely bare with no area for uneaten food or mulm to hide. Water changes are completed daily replacement water which is conditioned in 3 x 50 gallon storage tanks and heated to the same room temperature 78ºF. Mains water is pre filtered through one particle and two carbon chamber filters. Water then held in storage for 24 hours, aerated and filtered through Hamburger filter pad plus Fluval 404 internal filter.

Fish House.